Thovekin, the Great Green Wyrm, the scourge of Southern Cyrmr. Thovekin ravaged the South of Cyramr during the Scaled War. His dread name hangs over the nations of the Southing both in his ever present threat and physically in the peaks that bear his and are said to hold his lair.

Destroyed during the Scaled War, it is said that nothing survived Garon Hold except whispers and tales. Those tell of a sinuous, night dark wyrm, which exploded over the town at the head of hordes of demons and gnolls. Taking sinister pleasure in hunting out the terrorfied inhabitants as they tried to hide in the building or flee into the surrounding wetlands.

Though Thovekin has not been since, his thralls are ever present in causing mayhem and misery in the Southing. While Thovekin has succeeded in giving his terible name to the world, the world has failed to give the Wyrm the nation it desires. Undoubtedly the Wyrm will sally forth again for this treasure that he has not in his lair.



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