The Southing is a great valley bordered north by the Barrin Mountains, in the East by Thovekins Peaks, which sweep around to the South to collide with the Embertuls which provide part of the Southern border. As the Embertuls run West from Thovekins Peaks they fade to mere hills that mark the Old Gate Pass that leads to the unexplored South. On the Western side of the Old Gate Pass the Alda Hills rise up providing the South Western border of the Southing and run West into the Hammer. Two great rivers run through the valley, the Appian the Southernmost river, and the Cyndal which runs from the Shalon Trees down the middle of the valley. The West border of the Southing leads to the ocean and the grass land plains opening to the North onto the Oln Valley and South onto the Hammer. The Southing includes the nations of Tembria, Kadda and Harkal as well as the free city of Cauldron and Sasserine. On its South Western border are the Thun occupying the Hammer.

It is most commonly used to describe the nations that allied together to fight the Scaled War, when Thovekin the Great Green Wyrm sent forth his warparties of Gnolls and their Demonic thralls to establish a new great Dragon Kingdom to rival Amra.

The Southing, was an alliance of Tembria, Kadda and Harkal, together they managed to rally to defeat Thovekins Horde. In defeat the horde scattered with war parties still roaming ad menacing the Southing. However for the most part the horde fled back to Thovekins Peaks or South through the Embertuls.

Following the war the Southing found great swathes of land and many towns destroyed. Quickly old tensions and rivalries resurfaced, added to new as Kadda, Tembria and Harkal bickered over both the costs of rebuilding and the need for continued vigilance against the threat lurking in the forrest and peaks of the East.



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