Barrin Mountains

This anthracite and craggy range of hidden vales and fiery caverns runs from Thovekins Peaks and the northern reaches of the Shalon Trees almost to the coast in the West. Its inhospitable slopes separate the Southing from the Oln Valley. The range is home to a number of volcano’s, both long dead calderas like the one upon which Cauldron sits but also a number of volcanos that still rumble with life. As such the Barrin Mountains frozen peaks are often wreathed in steam and smoke as the furnaces that are the roots of these hills continue to rumble away. Amongst these subterranean magma chambers it is said some of the primordials first touched Cyrmr, and their temples are there still, undiscovered.

While the primordials belong to a fire side tale the Fire Giant forts and Orc holds hidden in the fire topped peaks of the Barrin Mountains are a far more present threat. The deep fissures rent int the Barrin Mountains also lead deep into the underdark, from which Drow and Troglodytes issue forth to take slaves from the surface world.

Despite these dangers many venture into the hills for the rich veins of Mithral and also precious gems like Rubies and Fire Eye Agates, no doubt created by the fire that courses through the mountains. Such wealth, but such peril that lurk in the clouded peaks, a fact that those that live in the shadows of the Barrin Mountains both in the Oln Valley and the Southing know well.


Barrin Mountains

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