Kadda holds claim to all the lands East and West between the Cyndal and the Appian and is ruled by the Finrii Council from the capital of Newstead.

Kadda’s Western border runs to the mouth of the Appian on the sea, a vast cold salt marsh mazed with waterways and dense forest. Fitting the land the border itself is mired in conflict with the Thun, with the difficult terrain often proving Kadda’s greatest defense. The watery West is has over time forced the Thun further East towards Kadda’s Newstead onto lands that are lush grazing fed by the two waterways.

As Kadda marches East from the coast the land becomes lush grazing land fed by the waterways it lies between and rolled over the folds and foothills of the Mountain ranges and high passes to the South.

Once the lands pass Newstead they become increasingly wild as they get closer to the Eastern borders.

While most maps of the Southing show Kadda’s Southern boundary as the Appian, with lands on the Southern banks the province of the Barbarian tribes, particularly in the misted vales of Old Gate Pass. Nonetheless Kaddan towns have sprungup on the far banks, opening new and rich farming.

The people of Kadda pride themselves on their connection to their land. Even those from the ‘cobbled lands’, as they often refer to cities, are at home in the wilder preserve of nature. While not a martial society Kadda their natural self sufficiency sees most of the people more than capable of defending themselves.

Something they are happy to tell you that the Thun, Thovekin and the wilds of the Southing have learnt over time.



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