Capital: Odrin

Major Cities: Furond

Government: Shifting Kratocracy


Majority: Human, Gnome and Halfling Common: Tiefling, Half Elf and Dwarves Uncommon: Shifters, Half Orcs and Goliaths Rare: Elves and Dragonborn Rocs Teeth: Deva

Harkal is the mercantile centre of the Southing and the South of Cyrmr. Its lands lie between the Cyndal river and the Barrin Mountains and run west to as far as the walls of Sasserine. Harkal’s capital is Odrin where the Guild Hall host the Chaptered Houses that govern the nation.

Harkal’s position sees them control the river trade on the Cyndal, the mined wealth from the Barrin Mountains and the land trade along the roads heading north. A position that the Guild’s ensure they are ‘rewarded’ for.

Harkal is a land that is guided by the business and political positioning of the Chaptered Houses and the Habrian Guilds. The towns and roads are policed by the private guards employed by the various families, with ‘just and right’ often determined by the motivation of the armsmen’s patron. The underlying tenet though is to ensure that commerce flows.

People of the Southing not from Harkal can be heard to suggest that Harkal only fought in the Scaled War because it was cheaper than buying Thovekin off.


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