Echo of the Dragons

Session B

Alpha Brotherhood getting Alpha

The shadows of the Embertuls seemed to have been infiltrated with orc scouts. As the Alpha Brotherhood made their way across the plains towards the mountain paths that lead to the Thousand Fist Monastery they encountered another war party of orc raiders that had fallen upon a group of adventurers set out from Longmoot. The Alpha Brotherhood fell into the fray joining the hulking Goliath Barbarian Boldar who was the only member of the group still standing.

It came to pass that Boldars party carried a request for the Thousand Fist Monasteries cohorts to sally forth to help defend Karins Hold. As his party needed to return to Longmoot to heal and recoup Boldar chose to join the Alpha Brotherhood on their journey to warn the Thousand Fist Monastery.

When the Alpha Brotherhood arrived they found it overrun by orcs, the stench of battle was still heavy in the air or it could have been the orcs cookpot. The Alpha Brotherhood descended upon he Monastery with vengeance in mind. They slew the guards sheltering within the wall before falling upon the orcs within the Monastery.


- An orc was heard to complain about being sent as sentry while the others had all the fun looting and hunting the survivors below.

- Another was heard to retort ‘those that are left to loot’ leading Adjurah to assume that the orcs paid a heavy price to take the fortress.

- Someone actually speaks a useful monster language….. WTF?

Within the Hall of Might and Glory an orc witch and his minions were defacing the altar there in the name of Grummsh. The Alpha Brotherhood slew them and the other orcs that rushed to the battle from the hidden stairs below the altar. Within the Hall of Might and Glory it seemed the acolytes and warriors had fought mightily against the orcs boiling up from the chambers below. The Alpha Brotherhood tried to clean Kord and Bahamuts altar of Gruumsh foul taint. However the Altar and hall had been violated and needed to be re-sanctified. So enraged by this was Adjurah that he swore an oath to cleanse the Moanstery of the filthy invaders and find any survivors.


- The party found a Brooch of Healing on the body of the Dwarven warrior Madrik Ironhelm

- The party has seperated the bodies to return and make a funeral pyre

Once the Alpha Brotherhood had cleansed the Hall of Might and Glory, Adjurah strode forth to make good on his oath and descended the stairs towards the Chamber of Acolytes which echoed with the sounds of orc voices.

Here they found a scene of horrible carnage, the priests and attendants to the Hall of Might and Glory had been surprised in their sleep and slaughtered where they sleep. Those few that managed to arm themselves confronted the orcish tide of steel were quickly slain.

The Alpha Brotherhood found out shortly why. As the raging orc berserker and the plate and mail armoured Orogs were fearsome warriors. They charged fowrard to meet the Alpha Brotherhood as they entered the chamber. The battle that ensued was brutal and the Broterhood found themselves in a bloodied encounter.


- One of the Orogs was overheard to say ‘find the loot and lets get out, we weren’t paid to hold this stinkhole and them squishies will send an army to take it for ‘ere gods honour’

- Fondu got beaten senseless by drudges.

- There was a statue of a Squid fighting Johnny Short Legs in the middle of the room.

The Broterhood are quickly recouping and deciding their next step.


- The battle that saw the Thousand Fist Monastery fall was only hours old

- Any survivors will likely be found by orcs if they aren’t found soon

- The orcs seem to have taken heavy casualties in the battle and are still scattered looting



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