Capital: Longmoot

Major Cities: Ramsheath, Lordswall

Government: Feudal


Majority: Human and Half Elf Common: Elves, Dragonborn and Dwarves Uncommon: Halfling, Eladrin, Gnome and Goliaths Rare:Rocs Teeth: Deva, Half Orc & Shifters.

Tembria occupies the East of the Southing with its’ border run along North and East along the Cyndal river. Tembria’s Western border is not set and lies in the shadow of the Barrin Mountains on the grass plains between Tembria and Harkal.

Tembria is ruled by a hereditary Lord and the Tembrian Knights. Lord Jan Perrin is the current Lord of Tembria and rules from the capital Longmoot.

Longmoot is situated in the Shalon Trees at the crook of the Cyndal, as it turns North, and joins its’ great tributary the Ebon Flow.

Tembria was the first nation fallen upon by Thovekin’s hordes and marked the beginning of the Scaled War. Tembria saw many of its’ fathers and sons lost during the war, and its’ borders shrunk. The lands that used to fall under Tembria’s aegis to the East into the Shalon Trees almost to the foothills of Thovekins Peaks and South on the far banks of the Cyndal have been pillaged and Tembria has neither the might of arms or the will to claim them.

Tembria has championed the, in its’ mind continuing, war on Thovekin’s now scatterd war groups. Further Tembria’s sons still garrison the forts, Karins Hold and Kunerian Gate, that guard the passes through the Embertuls, at least those that weren’t sacked or are now held by the bestial gnolls or worst. The fact that Tembria is bearing the cost of this war and inadvertently acts as a buffer between Thovekin and the Southing rankles the nation and causes much of the tension between Tembria and the other nations of the Southing.

The Embertuls also are home to the Thousand Fist Monastery which lies a days pilgrimage from Longmoot. A common pilgrimage for those wanting to study in the monasteries library or training grounds, starts at the crossing of the Cyndal over the towering span of the Bridge of the Ancients at the hamlet of Marnion.

The Lands of Tembria are also home to the Caceroi. The Caceroi wander the roads defending travelers from any bandits or monsters in return for this they collect a “donation” from those using the roads within the Southing, a coin that travelers happily give for the safety the Caceroi bring.



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