This continent wraps around Ciran like a mighty horseshoe. However its Western and Northern frontiers are wild and unexplored.

Little is known of Western Nera or Northern Nera, collectively they are part of the frozen wastes.

While Eastern Nera has a civilization, of sorts, and it is this that people refer to when they speak of Nera.

Nera’s North is called the Blighted Lands, a maze of frozen bogs, swamps and rivers to many to count or name. Amongst which a number of ruins attest to cities now lost. The lands are thick with deep and tangled forest of conifer and firs and riven with frozen waterways. The lands are inhospitable and cruel, some say they were twisted that way by the people and creatures found there the kingdom found there. The southern boundaries of these frozen steppes is marked by the Heretic River, its northern boundaries are not marked.

The Heretic River mouth washes into the wild ocean in the North its trail arcs East across the plains before sloping south to its source, melts deep in the Eastern peaks of the Oln Mountains. The Heretic River and the Oln Mountains form the walls of a large are of plains that runs West toward the until they fold up into the Kenn Hills. The Western spur of the Oln Mountains leaves a narrow pass between its inhospitable slopes and tangled spread of the Roken Fold a mighty forest that then covers the land to the coast.

From this pass the land begins to thaw. To the west the coast is hidden by boughs and spans of the Roken Fold, while the Oln Mountains run East abutting to the Ark Mountains whose peaks run from the North to South. To the South the Oln Valley is completer by the Barrin Mountains. The Oln Valley is bisected by the Forever River. The Forever River begins in the mighty spires of the Ark Mountains, running West in the leafy shadows of the Crow Fens, then the length of the valley before turning north through the Roken Fold and eventually breaking for the coast in the Styes Delta.

South of the Oln Valley Nera squeezes between the coast in the East and the Western reaches of the Barrin Mountains before the coast bulges out to the West and to the South and East the land leads onto the Southing. The square bulge at the southern foot of Nera is described as the Hammer. While the Southing is a series of rolling dales stretching south to the Embertuls and east to the foreboding Thovekins Peaks. The Southing ia divided by two great rivers: the Cyndal; and the Appia. The Cyndal runs from the North Eastern reaches of the Barrin Mountains it traces a shallow arc slowly turning North West before breaking the coast at the beginning of the Westerning coast that begins the Hammer. While the Appia flows farther South with its springs at the in the South Western edge of the Southing in Thovekins Peaks. In the South the Southing runs up against the Embertuls a rang of mountains that divide the dale from the Southern coast of Nera.



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