Across Cyrmr small points of civilization, or in some cases ordered chaos dot the land.

Most nations are that in name only, their rule often does not carry beyond their horizon and only the tax collectors remind the settlements at the fringes of lands that they lie within a border on a map in some far Capital. There are also a number of Free Cities, most of which have broken away from greater nations, and now intrigue or war to keep their autonomy.

However common to all, whether their border is merely a line on a map or the fortified wall around their city, the denizens of Cyrmr have constantly menaced each.

East of the Blighted Lands in the North of Nera lies the The Grand Kingdom of Edin, a roiling Theocracy whose internal politics are said to be boiling cauldron of infighting and factional war. Across the Heretic River, The Grand Kingdom of Edin’s Southern and only marked border, lies the nation of Anvil. The Grand Kingdom of Edin and Anvil are involved in constant skirmish with Anvil accusing The Grand Kingdom of Edin of harboring cultists and witches, of summoning fell beasts to the world nad drawing slaves from the surrounding lands.

Anvil claims dominion as far south as the Oln Mountains and as far West as the Iron River. Through its’ need to constantly defend itself from the menace of The Grand Kingdom of Edin, the Oni Lords that rampage down from the Oln Mountains and across its Southern plains, and the mistrusted Aravon on its’ Western border, Anvil is a nation of citizen soldiers. It is ever vigilant, constantly struggling just to hold its borders and keep order of civilization.

Aravon lies between the Southern foothills of the Ken Hills and the coast and stretches as far East as the Iron River where it borders with Anvil.

At the Western foothills of the Oln Mountains lies the Free City of Bright Hold, on the far side of the Roken Fold at the mouth of the Forever River lies the Free City of Styes which shares its’ name with the delta of the Forever River.

Across the Oln Valley are the nations of Ballan on the northern banks of the river. On the Southern banks, wedged in the lands that lie between the Southmost groves of the Roken Fold and the Barrin Mountains is Perland. In the East of the Oln Valley lies Saramov, these three states wedge together around the Free City of Mareks Writ. The states grind against each other creating constant fractious encounters, most of which were born of the disentegration of Caseron their once common now broken nation.

As Nera runs into the Southing the Free City of Cauldron marks the Western edge of the Barrin Mountains. On the coast at the base of the Hammer at the mouth of the Cyndal river lies Sasserine. While not yet declared a Free City, Sasserine is a city in rebellion, intrigued over by several nations. Harkal the nation which it was once part of and now rebels against, and Kadda to whom it would represent a strategic port, rumours persist of other nation that surreptitiously support Sasserine’s rebellion hoping to to gain a profitable port in the south or perhaps to create a wedge between Kadda and Harkal.

Harkal lies in the middle of the Southing at the fork of the Cyndal, on the far bank lies Kadda whose land is bordered North and South by the Cyndal and the Appian. Further East in the Southing lies Tembria, the first nation upon which the ravages of Thovekin and his hordes fall. The Western border of the Southing is commanded by the Thun that fills the bulge that is the Hammer.



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