Lord of Tembria

Tembria is ruled by a Lord who sits on the Oak Throne in Longmoot. The Lord of Tembria is chosen from the eligible men of Parrin Family Line. Below the Lord of Tembria sit the Tembrian Princes, then the Tembrian Knight Families.

The current Lord of Tembria is Lord Jan Parrin the Defender of the East, Rivermaster and First Banner of Tembria. Lord Jan was the chosen Son amongst the five eligible sons; Prince Therr, Prince Finn, Prince Martan and Prince Aracc; of the Parrin Family line. Each of the Tembrian Princes resides in Longmoot and attends the court.

Outside of Longmoot there are a various Tembrian Knight Families, who govern various regions or towns of Tembria.


Lord of Tembria

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