High Family Anorin

Banner Anorin: Horizantal halves of white above green. A Red Feather on the white and a Golden A on the Green.

High Family Anorin were raised at the start of the Scaled War, their current Banner General Cato Anorin earned his family their Banner by rescuing a Tembrian Army from certain slaughter when Thovekin attacked them to begin the Scaled War. High Family Inaez’s then Banner General Marion Inaez was slain with large elements of the armies command. It fell to Cato Anorin to fight a retreat and bring the grim tidings to Longmoot that a new Wyrm had brought war to the Southing.

High Family Anorin continued to earn distinction during the war. Cato Anorin showed the early signs of a great general with a skill for keeping his army mobile and maneuverable, he was the ideal leader against the often overwhelming numbers of Thovekin’s hordes.

Previously High Family Anorin were Iole Knight from Western Tembria, with their lands still around the walled city of Andulan.

Since then he has been actively urging Lord Jan Perrin to allow him to sort out the Northern borders that are growing wilder in the shadows of the Barrin Mountains. Despite Caro Anorin’s pleas Lord Jan Perrin is loathe to weaken his ability to react to Thovekin should the wyrm stir again.


High Family Anorin

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