Edin lies in the far North of Cyrmr. It is ruled by the Illumed from the Varagon. Edin’s two other Great Cities are Karagon and Mascagon.

Karagon is the Westernmost city and lies on the Heretic River and Lake Uron. The city looks over this great ‘moat’ and out onto the plains to the lands of Anvil.

Mascagon is the Northernmost city and lies right on the edge of the Northern steppes. Few travellers have ventured that far North to know the city well.


From the collapse of Bael Turath Edin was formed. After the final convulsions of Bael Turath the old orders of society had collapsed, in this Chaos and from this struggle the Illumed rose to take the Empire in hand, giving it order and renaming it Edin. The Illumed spread the word to the scarred nation that they were dedicated to renewing Edin and purging the land from Bael Turath’s touch. Those few of the “Old Empire” still living were hunted and purged along with any of their cultists.

The Illumed rule from within the walls of the fortress that is named for them: Illumed Temple of Guidance in Varagon. The rule of the Illumed is final and under their hand the society is being cleansed and purified of the evil of Bael Turath. The nation extremely strict with its laws and punishments particularly for those that defy the Illumed and the tenets which gives order to the nation.

While Edin claims to have purged itself and is growing anew in the light, Anvil and Perland, see the same Empire reborn with new masters holding the lash. Indeed Edin stands on the land that was once the heart of ‘Old Emprie’ and its’ slave armies once marched under the ‘Old Empires’ banner.


Edin’s Northern border is unmarked like most borders in theBlighted Lands, but it isn’t far into the frozen tundra that the writ of Ioun travels. To the East it is marked on some ambitious maps as the foothills of the Turath Mountains but again in truth Edin controls little further than the far banks of the great Lake Uron. To the West it extends to East banks of the Heretic River. To the South Edin extends as fas as the border with Anvil a line that is often in flux.


The workings of the Illumed is closed to everyone but its’ members and therefore politics within Edin is the provence only of the priesthood.

Externally Edin has clashed with Anvil since its’ borders first marked a map. Their conflict is far more fundamental. Anvil was born onto the lands that were once part of Bael Tirath, and are claimed by Edin.

Also Edin has long been wary of Aravon which it see’s as an opportunist and greedy nation hoping to prosper from the conflict between Edin and Anvil.

Other Names
Erath – Anvil


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