The Cyndal is thought of as the dark twin to the warm and wandering Appian to its South. Its’ waters charge and spray from the Eastern Reaches of the Southing, down mountain dales and over rocky waterfalls before pooling deep to meander through the roots of the Shalon Trees. Slow and black the river takes the languid mood of the forest and is said to drink up the little light that breaks through the leaves overhead. The Cyndal under the leaves has many of the same misgivings ascribed to it that are ascribed to the Shalon Trees.

The Cyndal is recharged when it joins the Ebon Flow under the eaves of Longmoot, deepening into a great pool that laps at the city. After the Ebon Flow adds it waters to the Cyndal it twists its’ way out to the grassy plains.

As the Cyndal makes it way across the plains between Tembria and Harkal a number of smaller seeps and minor creeks join it, often creating small wetlands and morass filled with beautiful waterbirds, marmot and wetland deer. Throughout these grassy wetlands the Cyndal still flows deep enough for river craft to pass. However it is the other denizens of the marshes, trolls, bullywugs, and other hungry creatures that make this a dangerous stretch. It is in these stretches the Cyndal has earn its darker reputation, snags foul rudders, or the river flow eddy’s and slacks, or sand flats clog the river, almost as if the Cyndal has grown a malign streak when danger stalks the waterway.

Once the waterways clear the morass of the central grasslands the river runs towards Melodin in the Nation of Harkal. As the Cyndal passes Melodin it is joined from the North by the river Pilum, combined they throw themselves down a series of tabled waterfalls before running fast and clean to the sea at Sasserine.



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