This walled free city lies at the western end of the Barrin Mountains encircling a caldera lake. Known as a reltively lawful city, comparative to the chaotic Styes, or the roguish Sasserine, it is ruled by a mercantile council who ensure Cauldron remains a profitable market place where mercenaries, soldiers, fortune hunters and merchants alike gather.

Beyond its position on the North-South merchant routes many people use it to launch into the Barrin Mtns in search of the abandoned dwarven holds, still rich in treasure, or other more active volcanoes where far older temples of the primordials are told to be filled with brilliant rubies and fire gems brought up from the furnace hearted mountain roots.

Others are lured by the well paid bounty hunting work from the mercantile council keeping bandits, and monsters away from Cauldrons surrounds.



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