Blighted Lands

The Blighted Lands lie in the North of Nera. The term is used to describe both the nations that were created out of the destruction of the old empire of Bael Turath, and the land itself; a tortured expanse of terrain that has seen constant warfare and bloodshed and has swallowed any nation that has abandoned the fight to survive within the Blighted Lands boundaries.

Physically the Blighted Lands is a maze of frozen bogs, swamps, and rivers all crawled over by thick and tangled forests. Of rivers and marshes there are too many to count or name and only the greatest or most dire find any recognition. Across this landscape numbers of ruins attest to nations and cities which were lost. The Blighted Lands includes the frozen steppes without border to the North, the Western peninsula whose spine is the Anvil Mountains and the frozen steppes that run East as far as the Turath Mountains and are closed in by the Heretic River. Anvil’s, increasingly beset by war with its’ neighbours, has found its borders dragged into what people think of as the Blighted Lands. The southern reaches of the Blighted Lands extend as far South as the boughs of the Roken Fold and the walls of Bright Hold.

In the central Frozen Steppes lies High Empire of Edin whose Southern border marks the beginning of the nation of Anvil, whose lands have so recently had the dubious honour of falling within the Blighted Lands. It is across this watery divide and the sodden plains that the two nations endlessly clash, no armies are raised, and it is not a war, simply life of constant struggle within the Blighted Lands. On the peninsula in the Southern shadows of the Anvil Mountains lies Aravon the third nation of the Blighted Lands.

The Blighted Lands sees each of its members in ever present conflict.


Blighted Lands

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