The Kingdom of Aravon is in the far North West of Cyrmr and part of the Blighted Lands. The Kingdom spans the southern lands of the Raven’s Beak and is ruled from the capital Karav. The other city of Aravon is Ferrav Fort in the East.


The Kingdom of Aravon is a land which contrasts the beautiful lush land with the merciless wilds. Aravon keeps itself apart from the trouble of the Blighted Lands and its neighbors. To outsiders it is a closed land with few but Merchant Seamen setting foot on its soil. It is through those sailors that anything is known of Aravon. Its’ people and society are said to be similar to its land beautiful and wild, the Manor houses and Estates speak of refinement but a feral primitiveness is just under the surface. The traditions of society and celebrations have the wanton zeal of the old tribes.

Those Captains that sail their usually keep their crew on the boats as too many crew disappear into the bawdy chaos on shore. With the country still split down the lines of old tribes and clans with laws enforced only if they must be.


Aravon is bordered to the East by the Iron River on whose shores the castle city of Ferrav Fort stands watching against the pejudices of Edin and Anvil. To the North the Turath Mountains act as a great wall for Aravon. While the Western border is the waves crashing against the western reach of Raven’s Beak. In truth though not many live West of the Capital Karav which lies on the great wide Valda River.


Aravon is ruled by a King under which Princes rule lands or boroughs of the cities. Each is responsible for keeping law in his own fief, collecting taxes and contributing levies to the Iron Host of Ferrav Fort.

Externally Aravon is careful not to get drawn into the intractable battle between Edin and Anvil. Aravon has a history of being sternly neutral.

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