Anvil, or the Holy Anvil of Saint Cuthbert, lies in the North of Cyrmr wedged against Aravon at the Southern charge of the Iron River and Edin across the plains to the Heretic River and The City of Long Knives.

Anvil is ruled by the Forging Compact a council of the Yanir, Hallowed Augur and Winged Queen of Anvil. The Compact rules from the Great Castle of Na Essin and is dedicated to purging the Blight from the souls of the Blighted Lands. It has no other great cities but its’ lands East to West are dotted with Keeps and sally Forts.

Anvil welcomes all who come North provided they are deemed good and pure. Any who fail that test become a Raven’s Feast. Anvil also sends heralds into the Southern countries to seek men who will be ‘pilgrim to the cause of good’ serving in Anvils armies against Edin and the Blighted Lands.


Anvil like Edin was born of Bael Turath’s final throes. The Ever Sentinel Army which was in had taken the Castle now named as Na Essin.


Anvil’s Southern border runs the length of the leafed border of the Roken Fold to the ramparts of Bright Hold and along the foothills of the Oln Mountains. Its Western border is the Iron River.

The Northern and Eastern borders are more vague, simply they extend as far as the furthest keep over which the banner of Anvil still flies.


The Forging Compact governs the nation.

Externally Anvil is at war with Edin, Bael Turath in another guise. Aravon is similarly loathed, long the the nation has profited in the misery of their neighbours.

Other Names
Nerullian (The last) – Arkhosian Dragonborn


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