Tag: Tembrian Town


  • Marnion

    This sleepy hamlet is only known for being next to the [[Bridge of the Ancients]]. The hamlet is little more that a fort, usually lightly garrisoned, that defends the strategically imprtant bridge and a number of small dwellings and inns. The …

  • Olana

    A small trade town in [[Tembria]]. The town lies a short distance East of [[Pranna | Pranna]]. It is commonly used as a stopover by poorer merchants and farmers who can't afford to stable and stay in the larger [[Pranna |city]].

  • Paderan

    This little community lies on the road to [[Karins Hold]]. The town is little more than a stopover for garrison soldiers. The town was [[Session K|rescued]] from the Kenku "Blackwing Slavers" by the Brotherhood.

  • Loreonn

    Loreonn is a wealthy walled town that ports onto the [[Cyndal]]. Over the small walled township the well made stone houses of rich merchant rise encircling the [[Silk Hill]] and giving the town a pretty aspect. The towns wealth comes from the stonemasons, …