Tag: Session K


  • Ringwood Tower

    These forts were built on the boundaries of [[Tembria|Tembria's]] lands; the first line of defense against the warlike mountain tribes or last safe haven for those intrepid explorers venturing into the wilds beyond. As Tembria's borders grew the forts …

  • ranged attacks

    Ranged Attacks? The Brotherhood usually doesn't do ranged attacks: Boldar: "Javelin? What's a javelin?" Boldar: "Oh you throw the point end first?" Boldar: "At the enemy? Oh right. Can I have another one? Why not? I'm just getting the hang of it …

  • River Pirates

    "River rats", "River knife", many is the name for the River Pirates that prowl the rivers of [[Tembria]] particularly the [[Cyndal | Cyndal]].

  • Little Jimmy

    Little Jimmy! Noooooooooo! Turns out from speaking to the other villagers [[:kamebh | Kamebh Yokep]] is now convinced that little Jimmy was actually a local illiterate midget rhyme & crime boss. He ruthlessly ran a prostituion ring in the village using …