Tag: Gnolls


  • Session D

    Following the battle with Ugrog and the last of the occupying Fangcrag orcs the Brotherhood needed to make a hasty decision: try and follow the [[The List | Darkstalker]] and his crones into the tunnels through the the [[Gomril Deep | ruined dwarf citadel …

  • Session H

    As the slavering gnoll reinforcements charged towards the Brotherhood the thunder of feet from behind announced the arrival of a dwarven cohort with an [[Anvil of Moraddin]] at their head. Upon seeing the fight at hand and the mighty sacrifice of the …

  • Session I

    “What’s my name Longspear?”, “What’s my name Longstrider?”, “What’s my name Runestrider?”, “What’s my name?”, [[:adjurah]]’s shouted demand was incessant. (Incessant and unintelligible.) The irony stretched long, echoing around the cavern, filling the …

  • Thovekin

    Thovekin, the Great Green Wyrm, the scourge of Southern Cyrmr. Thovekin ravaged the South of [[Cyramr]] during the [[Scaled War]]. His dread name hangs over the nations of the [[Southing]] both in his ever present threat and physically in the [[Thovekins …

  • Slave Warriors

    Slave warriors are the savage vanguard of most Gnoll armies. Captured in the ongoing clan wars between the tribes the slaves are given the chance to spend the last of what will be a brutal and short life wreaking havoc and death in battle.

  • Gnoll Freaks

    Crazed Gnoll warriors who carve their bodies in scarred symbols to their god. They delight in slaughter above all else and often run with the [[Slave Warriors]] providing the strong core and 'leadership' to the chaotic Gnoll raiding packs.

  • Gnoll Choke Globes

    Globadiers was the Tembrian soldiers names for the poision crazed gnolls that dashed into battle hurling the noxious toxic Gnoll Choke Globes. Brewed by some foul alchemy a single choke globe can kill a score of warriors.