Echo of the Dragons

Session 10

Sennel the Great mopped his brow, sweat clung to his nose then dived into the pool lapping at his feet. The a corrupt smell rose from the dead, their life blood gave of a metallic scent as it ran away a river in lands of dust, motes pulled in then spinning away, boatmen on a voyage that begun with an end. Nearby Errol turned over a body with the toe of his boot, the Tiefling hop, stepped, and then shuffled towards the alter. His face a pendulum arcing from bemused to anger, each change revealing a glint of canine, the visage of incidental savagery suited the mood.

As he surveyed another pile of bodies he wondered if these creatures wept for their fallen? More rainfall in the Queens domain. He doubted it. He broke from thought, the others were looking to him, clearly what value these creatures gave to the world could be weighed in there belt pouch, and now relieved of it the question was what now. Denasdra’s gaze was weighing scales.

Surely there was another passage down from these high halls? Perhaps it would be worth searching it out, though taking the fight to the rabble that Organ Grinder commanded had its appeal.

He stood, to lead isn’t always to command. Sometimes it is merely to be followed, he had made his choice. Wiping his sword and sheathing it he made his way towards the doorway they had, only moments ago, used to ambush their pursuers. Noticing the movement the Tiefling looked up from the handful of dust he had been examining and scurried after him, the Ranger not far behind.

Denasdra stood for a moment longer surveying the room, the stench of death growing stronger by the second, as the broken bodies of these filthy beasts ceased controlling bowls and bladders. From under the ogre, barely visible amongst the tattered rags that remained of its clothing and armour, protruded a pack that seemed to have gone unnoticed by his companions. Wrenching it free, he cut it open rather then fiddling with the now excrement smeared ties. Inside it lay a set of leather armour made from the skin of some great serpent, which, from the way that the pooled blood at bottom of the bag ran off it, appeared to have some significant magical properties. Grinning at his good fortune and at the ineptitude of the others, he made his way after them.

The Dwarven hall was immense. Rows of a dozen enormous, elegantly carved stone pillar held up a roof easily 40 feet high. Denasdra smirked to himself, it never failed to amuse him the way that such short, ugly creatures insisted on building massive, beautiful structures.

The floor was strewn with pages and pages from ripped, torn and scattered ledgers which had once stood neatly piled, recording the great traffic of goods through what was clearly once a significant warehouse. The fall of the Mines though had left them open to the pillaging of the Goblins, that was all too evident.

Then they unlocked the door with a retarded riddle that a clearly retarded dwarf made, what a cheap bastard, also save or die? Who does that? Sennel the Great, leader of the party that consisted of a ranger that was a liability, a wizard that hated him, and a warlock that he couldn’t get sense out of, decided that no danger was going to befall his party so he walked into a trapped room. He had beefed his reflex but had to make a straight saving throw, and was killed by the CHEAPEST dwarves ever, what a bunch of cheap lameo’s with stupid tan lines. He joined his queen in his throne by her side, and will not look favourably upon whatever cheap dwarven asshole built that ridiculous trap. Go and fort yourself.

The wizard laughed at his misfortune, realising subconciously that Sennel gladly died to protect him, and looking at the shambles of the party that was left he was the best friend he would ever have. The warlock mourned for the loss of the half-elf, who was truly a devoted instrument of The Great Night, and built a cairn of stones as a monument to his sacrifice. The ranger had no feelings or character reactions at all, because the downie that roleplays him prefers to spend his time accusing others of metagaming.

After defeating the chamber guardians, The Great Night attempted to open another of the ancient dwarven safes, if only to feel as though Sennel’s death had not been in vain. However they could make nothing of this new riddle, and this time the hobolock, perhaps subconsciously unwilling to let another comrade tempt fate for mere treasure, was unable to open the locked door.

With defeat in their hearts, the party then started off from the chamber through the main doors, determined to find a way down and exact their revenge on Organ Grinder (or maybe the dwarf SOB’s who built this place…). Before too long, they found their path blocked by a room covered in thick spider webs with dark shadows flitting across the roof. The ranger quickly informed the party that these were “big spiders, real big…” but was unable to provide any further information, and considering the badly bruised and beaten state of the party, they decided to seek rest in one of the many side chambers before dealing with this predicament.

Maybe it was the voices in his head, maybe the fact that they had so recently lost a comrade, but either way the hobolock was sure this place was out to get him. Also he doesn’t trust the “ranger”. So as the others were searching out a “safe” resting place, he kept watch on the web covered room and soon saw what he realised was an ettercap, along with a huge spider, checking out The Great Night’s tracks. It was time to leave this place….

After a restless, paranoid ‘sleep’, The Great Night rose to find fresh tracks around the corridors and the hobolock quickly hustled the party away from the spider room and back to the main chamber while constantly keeping his eyes strained on the retreating darkness. There were also fresh tracks in the chamber, and the party soon decided to try their luck spelunking down the only other exit – a collapsed stairwell. Perhaps motivated by the fear of those following (real or imagined), the party made great time and was entering a large opening when an ungodly aberration was spotted feeding on the floor…

Session 9
Avoiding Hobgoblin & Ogre patrols in the Upper Halls of Chus Guthra

Characters Present: The Brahman “Hobolock”, Sennel the Great, Errol & Denasdra

Errol had the great idea to strip nude and approach Organ Grinder, offering him all our magic items if he took us to Carrion Crow. Maybe he was just making up for Tormlin’s absence and the resulting lack of half baked ideas…

While attempting to travel back down thought the ancient dwarven complex, avoiding the multitude of goblinoid patrols and heading slowly downward in search of Organ Grinder The Great Night ran into one of the search parties. Both groups were taken by surprise and……

Session 8
Assault on the Entrance to Chus Guthra

Characters Present: The Brahman “Hobolock”, Sennel the Great, Errol & Denasdra

The Great Nights launched a daring attack on the front doors of the ruined dwarven city of Chus Guthra but despite earlier inroads, the alarm was raised and they were soon faced with overwhelming numbers.

hence plan beta, aka brave brave Sir Robin, was put into effect

etc etc etc

Session 7
Fighting through the Frost Vales's Lair

Characters Present: *The Brahman “Hobolock”, Sennel the Great, Tormlin, ??????

After fighting off an ambush of Frost Varles, The Great Night then continued through the network of caves and tunnels under the ice. Taking care to avoid further ambushes, they slowly made there way closer to the front gate of Chus Guthra.

However as they neared their goal, The Great Night stumbled the Frost Varles’s lair and were confronted with no less than 20 of the vicious creatures. Luckily the party had been stealthy enough in their approach that the Varlkes in the lair were unaware of their approach, but there were still many of the creatures between the party and their destination.

The Great Night realised that unless the ice bridge connecting the lair to the passageway was destroyed, they would be quickly overrun by superior numbers. Hence while the rest of the party attempted to hold off the guard Varles, the The Brahman “Hobolock” conjured a zone of darkness to block the bridge then concentrated his firepower on taking out the ice bridge. While the Frost Varles were formidable opponents, especially when in such great numbers, once the bridge was destroyed The Great Night were able to finish off the remaining creatures and depart before reinforcements found another way to reach the battle.

Now within sight of the Great doors of Chus Guthra, The Great Night took a moment to rest and regain their strength before attempting an assault on the goblin stronghold.

Approach to Chus Guthra
The Party's appraoch to Chuus Guthra, including destropying the two watch towers before the alarm could be raised...

climbed ice wall

attacked first tower. ranger cant move silently

entered tower, tried to bluff guard, failed, shitfight.

fought hobgoblins and hellhounds

only stopped them reaching warning gong becasue of wizards bravery and judiscious use of bigby’s icy hand to block the way.

second tower etc

The Story so Far

Sennel, Errol and Rogar have been doing odd jobs around the town of ????. The Hobolock started helping out when the caravan they were defending was attacked, and after that just seemed to hang around them. While he seems a bit crazy, he can be quite effective in combat and so they decided to tolerate his presence. This arrangement was working well until the hobolock decided to steal a noble’s silk socks to wear as gloves, thus forcing the party to leave town in case the noble decided to make an example of the group.

A few weeks from the town they were approached by the Riders, led by Arbitan, of a nearbye Village. Arbitan told them of how they had been raided by goblins and some of their party had been taken hostage. Sennel promised them that ‘The Great Knights’ (made up on the spot to dissasociate themselves with any reputation of sock stealers that might catch up with them) would reclaim the villagers and lay waste to the evil goblins. The riders were quite happy to hear that and looked releaved that professionals were on the case. Arbitanthanked them, gave them a map. Then Rogar proclaimed loudly to Arbitanthat he would not kill any goblin children because that was an evil act and he was good. This random comment made the rest of the party laugh and gave rise to the term “downieborn”.


They set off and discovered that the halfling, Smokey, was trailing them with the intent to help. They delved into the caverns, killing many goblins and saving the villagers, and meeting Denasdra when he was subbed in to replace the Warlock in a fight with an Ogre.

After a brief delay to crush a feeble ambush by a group of Gnolls, they returned to the village of Hend with the rescued villagers and a hero’s welcome, and drank much corn syrup. The village fell in love with the acrobatic antics of Smokey.

They went back to the caverns to claim some treasure they could not carry, and ran into a necromancer by the name of Carrion Crow and killed his followers but he was able to escape their grasp.

They arrived back in town where the approach of winter meant the closing of the gates, and smashed some more booze and the (presumably female) dragonborn got all greased up with the workers at the tallow works. No one knows exactly what went down, but Rogar is a pretty safe bet.

Having foreseen the debaucherous events that were to come at the tallow works Denasdra had gone for a walk around Hend, to check on its defences and ensure that a sneak attack was not attempted while the town celebrated. Finding nothing he proceeded back to the Inn, passing a convoy of wagons entering the town on his way and wishing them a good evening. It was only later as the streets filled with the undead that he wondered why the drivers eye had been glowing red. Through the diligent actions of The Great Night, even Rogar who turned up later walking a bit funny (it could have just been the booze…), though, the attack was repelled and at least most of the town was saved.

The next morning they set out to find Arbitan, who was rounding up nearbye villagers, and although they found him safe they decided to press the attack to Carrion Crow and, learning its location from Arbitan, headed towards the near bye ancient graveyard.

Passing quietly through the wilderness (presumably the Ninja Dwarf wasn’t present this week) The Great Night came across a group of gnolls surveying a victory over a band of goblins. the gnoll leader was overheard speaking to a dark stalker who was accompanying them saying “These aren’t Scar Cheeks. When I find Inkskin I’m going to flay him (something something…)” also mentioned the stone of chargrilling. we easily dispatched the gnolls thanks to the wizards mighty sleep spell, however the dark stalker managed to escape.

Arrive at ruins to see Carrion Crow in the distance performing a foul ritual over a ziggurat of bones in the graveyard. Pulses of necrotic green energy spread across the graveyard and the dead began to rise as skeletons, zombies and worse.

By the time The Great Night reached the graveyard Carrion Crow had disappeared into a nearby necropolis, but his undead guards proved a formidable enemy, especially supported by the foul energy’s of the ziggurat. While they were able to defeat the undead and disrupt carrioncrows ritual, the party was badly injured and retreated to the safety of the nearby remains of the temple of ??? to rest.

Finding the necropolis locked with powerful magic, The Great Night then fought its way through an undead filled mausoleum to gain access to the crypts below the graveyard. Investigation of these crypts found many more of Carrion Crow’s undead servants as well as ancient tombs guarded by mighty constructs.

After dispatching a fire hurling monstrosity and some ghouls the party came across a hall cloaked in swirling mist. From the centre of the hall a wight, claiming to be one of Carrion Crow’s lieutenants, issued a challenge – if we were to continue to pursue Carrion Crow it would be to our deaths. Throwing caution to the wind Rogar charged into the room at the closest enemy, but moving in the shadows were other adversaries and soon he was surrounded. A brutal battle followed with several party members falling only to be revived by the cleric’s healing, and while The Great Night were ultimately victorious they paid a heavy price with Rogar sustaining mortal wounds and dying on the battelfield.

at some stage hobolock spread lies to members of one of the hobgoblin tribes – not sure which need to look at my notes. – claimed that Carrion Crow was recruiting gnolls to replace the hobgoblins and a creatures of the shadowfell were involved -

after this we fought the hobgoblin leader and found Tormlin, who then alerted the salt’n’pepper ogres. after this battle found dodgy warlord + some dwarves in the prison. dwarves gave us directions to chus guthra. warlord up north – why? suspiscious. something to do with chargrilling?

Having seemingly failed in their attempts to catch up to Carrioncrow in the Catacombs, the decision was made by the party that, despite Smokey being out of action still after his close encounter with the business end of a ghoul, looting burial goods from the tombs below would be a most excellent idea. Proceeding back into the mirky depths of the tombs they returned to the passage they had earlier seen where a cave-in had destroyed one Shield Guardian leaving only one of the mighty constructs to be dealt with by the powerful level 4 party. After several completely unsuccessful assaults that had yielded a grand total of 0 damage to the Guardian, Tormlin was struck by a brilliant plan and the foolproof plan fiasco ensued.

then headed of to Chus Guthra via a couple of encounters.

More later need to work now.

My memories are a bit muddled from here. Stone of Shargril? Graveyard? Travelled in there?


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