Echo of the Dragons

Session J - Quest Ringfort and The Blackwing Slavers

With Karin’s Hold safe for now from the menace of the Gnolls the Brotherhood began their journey back from the wild frontier crags of the Embertuls. As the Thousand Fist Monastery would still be rebuilding the Group thought it best to make for Olana to meet with Suel.

The foothills of the Embertuls usually a wild haunt for Orcs, Ogres and worse were eerily quiet as grey clouds washed sleet and rain over the rocky slopes. Alone on the road except for the occasional Rider dashing messages between Longmoot and Karin’s Hold the Brotherhood made a swift journey onto the grassy plains below where a grisly scene was waiting for them.

The tiny hamlet, no doubt a farming community that ploughs and plys the lush plain, was completely deserted. Vultures and mange bitten Hyenas were fattening on the corpses of the only villagers to be seen. The Brotherhood stormed in to clear off the carrion killing or driving off the creatures that refused to give up there meal.

*The village had been ransacked and all the inhabitants seemingly marched off. Slavers no doubt.
*The Brotherhood began to track the slave train into the plains. There were over 40 villages in the group and some 20 raiders.
*Not long after they came upon the corpse of a Rider who had been cut down when he had come to the villagers aid.

While the rain was eroding the spoor, the trail cut cleanly across the plain making it easy to follow. Haldane remembered that a ring of watchtowers used to stand on these plains,before Thovekin’s forces had rampaged through raising them. He wondered if one of those old towers was where the slavers had hidden out. The Brotherhood were only delayed by the confrontation with some of the legendary Goblins of Grazzt. The flamboyant Goblin introduced himself as Mereak and offered great treasures and valuable parlay. What followed was a tense negotiation, in which Adjora was sure he was going to be robbed, cheated or both.

*The Goblins did honour their bargain and the group purchased a Polyglot Gem to help them understand the Gnolls.

Not long after their trade with the Goblins, with the day now truly faded and the freezing rain and night cloaking the grassy plains, they came upon an the broken walls of an old watchtower. Within the hollowed walls a brutish gathering of rough looking cutpurses and rogues had set up a camp. The Brotherhood exploded from the night and broke the camp. As the Brotherhood battled with the motley group of toughs a pair of Kenku stole from cover to stab and flit amongst the fight.

As the battle turned one of the Kenku fled into the tower base and escaped down a trapdoor into a subterranean lair.

Karin's Hold Adventure Conclusion

Loose Threads

*Were the cultists from the Temple of Turog in Olana connected to the Hooded Cabal that Lokvist encountered?

*Where is this Underforge (“other forge”, “under forge” & “Underforge”) that the Darkstalker Kashaba, Listy, Kashaba’s Dark Dwarf map maker & the Witch disappeared to?

*Where are all the goddamned shops?

Session I
It's Curns Stupid.

“What’s my name Longspear?”, “What’s my name Longstrider?”, “What’s my name Runestrider?”, “What’s my name?”, Adjurah’s shouted demand was incessant. (Incessant and unintelligible.)

The irony stretched long, echoing around the cavern, filling the void when Barik Runespear failed to answer. The Brotherhood looked on trying to figure out if the visage of Barik was an illusion or whether the Dwarven warriors had truly become traitors controlled by the Shroud hidden in the shadows of the room.

As Kamebh Yokep strode forward he was sure he saw a flash of recognition, though whether it was Runedwarf or the Shroud recognising the Brotherhood there was no way he could be sure. Probably easier to Kill ’em all and sort it out afterwards. Unsurprisingly Boldar seemed to be thinking along the same lines, the Goliath was swiftly moving forward the huge axe he carried lolling a lazy arc in time with his stride, a vipers languorous sway before the strike. Kamebh had made his mind up, he had a feeling about these things, and his staff arced out the Steel Wind.

Adjurah’s prating had changed, now he was demanding how many of the Brotherhood Longrune had met. Kamebh didn’t hear Runecleric’s response, Adjurah exploding into a charge was all the answer he needed, Kamebh was right and without the endless gibbering that those Paladin’s are so fond of.

The enemy at hand and the veil of deception drawn back the Brotherhood were free to battle. The Shroud snarled in fury and and a seeping black fell over the minds of the Brotherhood. However despite this trickery without the advantage of surprise and deception the Shroud’s was brutally prosecuted by the Brotherhood. The fight saw the shroud quickly cut down and as the creature fell the creatures transmogrification faded and Runestridercleric’s appearance was replaced with the greyed waxy face of a Doppleganger.

With the fight over the Dwarves quickly reinforced the gates that the Doppleganger had so recently forced open, and made preparations against a stronger assault. Seeing they were no longer needed the Brotherhood decided to leave in search of the other Shroud. As they left Adjurah requested some of the warriors join the Brotherhood as both guides and escorts however the Dwarves were unable to spare any soldiers from defending the lower halls of the keep.

So the Brotherhood strode forth towards the wall to hunt Derekganger.


  • Mithril Breast Plate, wait I mean (want) Mithril Full Plate!†.
  • The Shroud did not carry written Orders like any self respecting Villian would.

The search for Derekganger didn’t take long. Upon surfacing the rolling waves of battle washed over the Brotherhood; screams of battle and the braying of horns; the constant rhythmic ‘tok’ of crossbows firing was punctuated by the bassitone explosion of a catapult stone impacting on the wall or in the Hold’s grounds; the roar of fire and dying men. This common cacophonic symphony of battle was punctuated by a volley wet fleshy thuds as catapulted carrion landed in the Hold’s grounds. The mangle of arms and legs soon seperated into bodies and with necrotic groans began to rise and shamble after the reinforcements formed up below the Hold’s wall.

As the Brotherhood began to make their way through the frantic messy precision of battle Santi Inaez and a cohort of soldiers appeared from the far wall headed for the gate tower. The Brotherhood had no doubt (Is this YOU?!) they had found their Derekganger. When Inaez shouted for his soldiers to attack it was as good as confirmed.

And so Adjurah’s prating began. Exhorting the soldiers to abandon Inaez. No doubt the endless, and lengthy, whining pleas had an affect on Kamebh and Boldar who decided that killing the poor collateral cohort was the quickest way to shut the preaching Paladin up.

The ensuing battle was a chaotic mess. The collateral cohort was battling, and taking a toll on Kamebh Yokep, loyally beside Inaez the Derekganger against the Brotherhood was soon joined by a pair of ravenous hyena’s that had pared off from a motley scout force of gnolls that had belched forth from the tunnells and completed when catapulted carrion began to rain amongst the fight. A grinding gnash of tooth and claw with little if any defined allegiance.

In the centre of the battle Kamebh and Inaez traded blows. Meanwhile Haldane guarded the gate tower and unsuccessfully tried to command the battle, Boldar blasted forward with primal fury roaring into the centre battle tracing a straight line of gore and carnage. The final bell for the fight was tolled by Kamebh with a string of ringing strikes on Inaez the Derekgangers helm that toppled the assasin.

The greater battle that roiled below the walls of Karins Hold faded with the day. The Gnoll army that that had seethed at the Hold with fury and anticipation began to falter as the Gates remained unbroken. Instead of being torn asunder the Hold stood defiant the defenders delighting in raining steel tipped death upon the horde below. As the day bled into night the fight seeped from the Gnolls and the warband withdrew from the field dissapating back into the jagged ravines and passes of the wilds below the walls. As the cries of victory and defiance roared from the top of the walls at the routed warband, few of the jubilant defenders would know how close they may have been to the Hold falling.

Inaez smiled a knowing smile over the parapet, it was merely the ebb of the tide and certainly it would again wash against this sure shore. Runespear eyed his friend next to him and grinned. On Anvil’s were blades forged, on stone’s they were sharpened, and against the anvil and on the stone of this Hold the blade had become very sharp.

†May not contain any Mithril or Full Plate

Session H

As the slavering gnoll reinforcements charged towards the Brotherhood the thunder of feet from behind announced the arrival of a dwarven cohort with an Anvil of Moraddin at their head. Upon seeing the fight at hand and the mighty sacrifice of the Brotherhood the Anvil called down a boon upon the party replenishing them for battle. Thus imbued the Brotherhood quickly overcame the Gnoll reinforcements with Boldar Roar of Battle accounting for swathes of slaves while the remaining members rained blows upon the Clawfighters and Globadiers. As the fight turn Listy slunk away. After the battle the Brotherhood quickly questioned the Anvil to the layout of the corridors that the various slinkers and skulkers had disappeared down.


  • The Shroud that had been parlaying with Listy had stalked into the lower corridors of the keep, while Listy had disappeared into the lower supply halls, while the first Shroud that the Brotherhood spotted was headed to the tower at the far end of the keep.
  • The Brotherhood chose to follow the last Shroud they saw who was headed into the lower corridors of the keep
  • Adjurah and the Brotherhood think that the Shroud’s are assassins, maybe demon, heading into the keep for the defences leaders.

The trail of the Shroud is marked intermittently by dead Dwarven guards, seemingly killed by stealth or without warning. Strangest yet the Shroud had managed to open a barred door and surprise the Dwarven guards on the far side.


  • The Brotherhood think that the Shroud can either teleport, summon powerful illusions or uses mind control.

Not long after the Brotherhood heard the sounds of battle and stumbled into a room where Barik Runespear was desperately defending himself from a cohort of Dwarven warriors. Bodies strewn across the floor suggested that Barik had been ambushed by a larger number than those pressing the fight against him now.

Session G

Following the meeting with Banner General Santi Inaez and Barik Runespear the Alpha Brotherhood hustled back towards the lower corridors.

The young dwarven warrior belies his obvious youth and short beard and shows some knowledge of the corridors below which he quickly imparts to the PC’s:

  • There are four places that the corridors connect to the fortress;
  • One leads to the keep which is the entrance that the group is heading to now;
  • Another entrance leads to lower supply halls, previously used to resupply during the war against Thovekin when the wall was breached but the keep held out;
  • Another entrance leads to the void between the gates, often used repair the outer gate without opening the inner gate;
  • The fourth entrance leads to the tower at the opposite end of the wall to the Keep, and is a one way door that can only be used to move troops to reinforce the tower if the wall is breached;

The dwarf explains that to his thinking taking the tower would be pointless they’d be miles from the keep or he gates and their numbers would still be constricted by the tight corridors through the wall. While the entrance to the gate void won’t help the Gnolls either as the outer gate can’t be opened from anywhere but the inside of the wall. Like the tower entering the lower supply halls would see them having to fight their way to the surface still through narrow corridors. As the warrior says “The thing I’d do would be attack the keep in force”, a war cry rings out and the sounds of battle echoing up suggest the Gnolls are of like mind. Battle has been brought to the keep.

The Brotherhood fought off the first assault of Gnolls, however the Gnolls in lower room suspiciously held off from pressing the assualt.

-A tall and gangly unnatural figure in a hooded cowl with was seen sloping through the room and escaping into the halls of Karins Hold.
-The Gnolls seemed to be attacking to cause a distraction for the unnatural figure rather than to get into the keep.
-Listy is commanding the Gnolls attack.
-Listy tells another of the unatural figure, who leaves the lower room to “something somethign something dark side”

Session F

The corridors beyond the pipe room contained a barracks, now abandoned, and a temple to Moradin, smeared with filth and now the funeral vault for an unfortunate group of warriors.

-Temple has the remaining bodies, a one legged Dwarf, Human and Elf of the group whose horses were teathered at the vents.

At the far end of the corridors beyond an impressive set of iron doors lay the control room for the Dwimlow Well. The Warlord Morangar, the commander of the raid had already arrived and streams of warriors were passing through into the upper halls. Listy had advised Morangar of the Brotherhoods approach and he and his Mysterious Witch defended the controls at the top of the Well. The battle that ensued was bloody as the Brotherhood had to run the gauntlet of hunters fire while Morangar commanded slaves forward to meet them. When battle was finally joined Morangar laid waste about him and mauling the Brotherhood. The fight was almost lost before Boldar led an inspiring fightback. Eventually Morangar fell under the renewed assault.

- Kahmebh is a slave killing machine.
- Mysterious Witch fled pledging to meet Morangar at the “Underforge”.
- Listy withdrew again. Oh and locked the door from the otherside.
- Fondu got vengeance for the notice board single handedly tying up the slaves on the stairs with his clawing terrain.
- The Dwimlow Well was opened to seal off subterranean approach to Karins Hold and curb the Gnoll threat.

Following the battle the Brotherhood made slow progress through the upper halls. Evidence that the Gnolls were making there way through was writ large in forced doors and broken seals. The Brotherhood left the corridors to try and steal a march on the Gnolls and warn the keep.

-Upon arriving the Brotherhood made contact with the keeps Commanders.
- The fighting on the walls left the Banner General with no troops to spare and Adjurah accepted his request to head back into the lower halls to hunt out the gnolls.

Session E

The Gnolls from the pipe filled rooms screamed with delight at the appearance of the fresh meat. The manic slaves and grotesquely scarred freaks charged to be met in a clash of steel by Adjurah and Haldane. In the background the darkcreeper that seemed to be coordinating the slaves working on the pipes quickly took up a defensive position near the far doors.

-The Alpha Brotherhood quickly turned te tide against the Gnolls.
-As the battle progressed the Darkcreeper, which had peppered the [[ Brotherhood from distance withdrew through the far doors.
-Beyond the pipe room the corridors continuing into the greater fortress echoed with the heinous yipping of large numbers of Gnolls roving the darkness.
-Wearied from their journey and their previous battles the Alpha Brotherhood chose to rest and take stock.

The Brotherhood set up in the ante room near the steam vents and improvised a trigger to set off the Dwarf crossbow trap should anyone pursue from the pipe room.

-During their rest the Darkcreeper began to sneak along the corridor, but noticed Adjurah waiting to spring his trap.
-Realising the Brotherhood were too well defended to attack the Darkcreeper rallied the Gnolls to the pipe room to hold them out.

Knowing that the room beyond was an ambush the Brotherhood did the only logical thing. The battle again commenced with the Gnolls charging in an savage crush, surrendering the advantage of their numbers and restricting their globadiers ability to bomb the Brotherhood. As the battle progressed the Gnolls with great excitement released a Cave Troll to join the fray. Sadly for the troll it quickly became the focus of the Brotherhoods assault with the Warlord guiding a brutal array of attacks on the troll and surrounding Gnolls. As the fight turned into another furry bloodbath for the Gnolls the Darkcreeper again withdrew to the corridors beyond.

-The pipe room contained the bloody remains of a female half elf, now decapitated. Then interrogated by Adjurah.
-The half elf’s belt buckle had the warrior stepping over a horizon sigil.
-The troll had been gnawing on the leg of yet another hapless creature, possibly a Dwarf?
-The Brotherhood opening the enormous pipe valves, the first step in activating the great flooding mechanism.

From Lokvists description the control room must be in the corridors beyond.

Session D

Following the battle with Ugrog and the last of the occupying Fangcrag orcs the Brotherhood needed to make a hasty decision: try and follow the Darkstalker and his crones into the tunnels through the the ruined dwarf citadel; chase down Gulgor and the Fangcrag orcs and extract information from them, preferably through bloodshed, or journey to the tunnels below Karins Hold overland.

Talk with Lokvist Thronehold revealed that he had recently sealed the tunnels leading directly from the ruined dwarf citadel to Karins Hold when he heard of the gnolls gathering on the far side of the Embertuls. However there existed a now abandoned mining complex on the far side of the Karins Hold whose tunnels ran up below the Hold and also connected to Gomril. The old mines had been craftily designed by the dwarves to defend against attack from orcs, goblins and worse in the lower tunnels. The central defense was a great system of pipes that collected the water heated within the earth and could be opened to flood the lower passages and seal off access to Dwimlows upper corridors which lead to Karins Hold and Gomril. Dwimlow could be reached from the Southing via a number of thermal vents and fissures near the road to Karins Hold.

The Brotherhood decided that the Orcs were likely dupes and unlikely to be the true danger, and given the collapsed tunnel would take time to clear, the headstart the darkstalker had and that the ruined dwarf citadel likely housed other menaces following them underground would be futile. Deciding that the danger was still the passages under Karins Hold the Brotherhood set out for the thermal fissures intending to venture into Dwimlow and seal the lower passages, provided they reached there before the gnolls.


- Lokvist gave some basic instructions on how to work the flooding mechanism

- As the Brotherhood left the 1001 Fisted Monastery a cohort was just returning and hustled forward to help Lokvist with the reconstruction.

- Conflagration

Upon arriving there the at the fissure the Bortherhood noticed a campsite and a number of horses that were tethered there. Investigation didn’t reveal any clues besides a sigil of a warrior stepping over a horizon worked into each of the saddles. Tracks from the camp led into the vents. The Brotherhood unable to ascertain much from the camp entered the steam filled corridors in pursuit?.


- The sulphur and minerals and heat made the journey arduous

- The Brotherhoods skin is cleaner and their pores are cleansed

- The Brotherhood eventually found there way through a series of chalk marks on the wall and small cairns. The chalk was relatively recent though already blurred by moisture from the caves.

Eventually the Brotherhood found there way through the labyrinthine caves to the worked stone walls of Dwimlow, only to be greeted by the rasping and abyssal voices of a group of gnolls in heated discussion, there was certainly some gesticulating. The Brother wasted little time on the nuance and charged in, quickly overpowering the small party of gnolls.


-No one speaks a useful monster language anymore.

-Gnolls don’t ride horses

-Gnolls don’t carry chalk

-Gnolls like a conflagration

Stairs at the back of the room led down to a long, wide, high ceilinged corridor that ended at two large brass doors. Standing in the corridors was an odd group; an odd looking walking crossbow with three stout legs and a pair of steel hounds, the corridor itself was littered at either end with the bodies of fallen gnoll bodies pierced with crossbow bolts. Curious as to whether they were hostile Adjurah descended the stairs, as the Brotherhood watched in trepidation. The three automatons ‘watched’ without reaction as Adjurah descended the stairs, sword sheathed and unthreatening, however as his foot touched the bottom an audible click announced that Adjurrah had stepped on some sort of pressure plate. From hidden cavities in the roof four statues of dwarven warriors with repeating crossbows descended and began to rain down a deadly volley of bolts on Adjurah. Faced with the prospect of fighting the automatons under withering volleys of bolts the Brotherhood withdrew before the repeating crossbows fired again. Well everyone wearing heavy armour did, Fondu however was left by his brave defenders to face a volley of bolts on his own. Haldane deduced that as the gnolls had come from the corridor and the trap was hidden when the Brotherhood arrived it would reset with time, so the Brotherhood waited until the statues smoothly receded into the ceiling.

When next they approached the corridor the Brotherhood searched out the well concealed pressure plates that trigger the deadly dwarf trap, and made their way carefully through them before cautiously approaching the far end of the corridor unsure of the intentions of the automatons. The automatons simply ‘watched’ moving out of the way of the Brotherhood until they got to the door, at which point the walking crossbow began blasting and the steel hounds dropped into a defensive crouch jaws ready. Adjurah who was closest to the legged crossbow stepped forward and unleashed a devastating strike and then a coruscation of lightning breath that shattered the arcane spirit that animated the walking boltthrower with a single blow. The steel hounds seemingly animated to defend the walking bow were confused and the Brotherhood sensing this disengaged, leaving the steel hounds to defend the corridor should any other gnolls stumble this way.


- The gnolls seemed to come from the other side of the door

- Adjurah and Boldar wonder whether they are scouts or the main force

Suspicious of the likelihood of further traps Fondu pushed the door open with his spear. It swung open easily, revealing a cavernous room a ‘bridge’ of stone extended to the far side where a set of double doors stand, on either side of the bridge are two large recesses filled with enormous iron pipes. Within the room a collection of gnolls turned from their study of the pipes with a snarl.


-Should have had a short rest

-Roll initiative

Session C

The Brotherhood searched the upper floors of the Thousand Fist Monastery for survivors, occasionally encountering small groups of drudges that they summarily disposed. The Brotherhood first headed towards High Patron rooms where they found evidence of a great battle where it seems the warriors of the Thousand Fist Monastery made their last stand. Amongst the hundred of orc bodies they found the beheaded body of Silanus. From their they quickly headed towards the Library, as they got closer the ever thickening smoke foretold the Libraries fate. Books littered the corridors still smoldering and the Library wing couldn’t be approahced as it was still a conflagaration, the funeral pyre for The Lightkeeper. From a captured orc they found out that the leader of the warband and a lot of the warriors have already left carrying off their loot. An orc by the name of Ugrog was the Boss remaining and he was below in the Chamber of Works questioning what is presumably the only survivor of the attack. Giving up hopes of survivors on the upper halls and spurred on by the captured warriors words the Brotherhood began to descending toward the Chamber of Works to confront Ugrog.

Finally they came to the cavernous natural fissure that marked the bottom of the Monastery, from the worked chamber an ancient set of stairs arced out into the chamber and descended to the chamber floor below where the halls of the Chamber of Works lay. Ascending the stairs was a band of orcs shouldering sacks of stolen loot. On seeing the party they charged forward to confront the Brotherhood. Not wanting to confront the orcs on the stairs and risk being knocked off to fall the best part of a hundred of feet to the rocks below the Brotherhood held on the landing and dug out out there ranged weapons.

The battle that ensued saw the Champion of Grumsh and his drudges charging up the stairs to engage in melee while orc crossbowmen softened up the brotherhood with their fearsome bellybows. The Brotherhood meanwhile peppered the approaching orcs with missiles, however they began to come under attack by the orc’s tame drake which was making a nuisance of itself trying to filch magic items. When the orcs finally made the landing the combatants proceeded to bash and shove each other trying to push them to their deaths. To avoid the Brotherhoods shield wall the Champion of Grumsh chose to leap like a hero of legend across the gap from the stairs to the ledge. Like the hero of legend his leap fell short, reached out and grabbed at the ledge and found himself suspended above the precipice by a strained hand. A hand that Fondu was happy to rid him of, and so the Champion of Grumsh tumbled to his death. Quickly the Brotherhood overwhelmed the remaining orcs shunting them into the precipice below.


- Boldar “Javelin? What’s a javelin?”

- Boldar “Oh you throw the point end first?”

- Boldar “At the enemy? Oh right. Can I have another one? Why not? I’m just getting the hang of it I’m sure”

- Adjurrah thought jumping to his death to get back a basic magic item and spite kill the drake was a good idea.

- Everyone else didn’t.

Once down the stairs the Brotherhood quickly made their way to the Chamber of Works where they find Ugrog beating a dwarf and demanding the tunnel be re-opened. The Chamber of Works had obviously been damaged by some event with a number of the furnaces broken and rubble strewn across the Chamber. A raging fire was out of control where the great furnace once stood. The room itself had a large number of orcs watching the interrogation all of which were unaware of the Brotherhoods approach. Taking advantage of the element of surprise the Brotherhood charged into the room and a great battle ensued.

Boldar, Haldane and Adjurah charged into the fight while Fondu was peppering the warriors from the edges.Seeing they were under attack Ugrog unsheathed his enormous orcish blade and hurled himself at Haldane and Boldar. Fondu soon found himself assaulted by drudges.

Boldar and Haldane were fighting for their lives, the Berserkers were merely nuisances next to the fearsome and brutal hulk Ugrog. The battle appeared to be turning against the Brotherhood, Fondu was still beset with drudges, Haldane and Boldar were struggling to land blows on the iron titan that was Ugrog and Adjurrah cursed by the Shaman was flailing blindly. Soon Haldane and Boldar found themselves bloodied and then quickly struggling to stay standing as Ugrog was laying them open inspired by the chanted words of Grumsh flowing from the shaman. With the battle in the balance Brotherhood managed to tip it in their favour landing brutal blows that saw the berserkers and shaman finally fall and the last of the drudges in front of Fondu fell. Unperturbed Ugrog continued to hammer the Brotherhood, with Haldane and Boldar exhausted, bloodied and near death Ugrog finally missed what surely would have been a killing blow. The Brotherhood did not waste this small mercy and with fatal precision, no doubt inspired by the terrible consequences of failure, each landed decisive blows on Ugrog who finally fell.


- In saving Lokvist the the Brotherhood saved the sole survivor in the monastery.

- Ugrog was carrying a magical shield blessed by Kord that he had obviously looted from the monastery.

As Ugrog fell the Brotherhood dashed to the fallen dwarf. Tortured and exhausted the warrior priest was helpless and on the edge of death. When revived the last Paladin of the Monastery Lokvist Thronehold thanked the Brotherhood. Lokvist quickly told his story as the party recuperated from the battle and prepared themselves for the journey back from the Monastery.


- Lokvist triggered the collapse of the old dwarf tunnels that led into the basement of the Monastery throught the Chamber of Works.

- The High Patron, Light Keeper and some of the older warriors of the Monastery were aware of the old catacombs and passages below the Monastery but were sure no one else had living memory of the maze like tunnels.

- Lokvist was wounded and left for dead by the initial assualt and when he came to he made his way stealthily to the Chamber of Works intending to set off the deadfall and seal the catcombs.

- When he arrived in the Chamber of Works he found the orc Warbosses Warlord Gulgor and Ugrog in council with an assortment of villains; a shrouded Darkstalker referred to by Gulgor as Kashaba who was cowled in ebon and deep blue cloaks with a distinctive mithril necklace with a dark dwarf vassal and his shrouded gaurds; a cabal of hooded humanoids whose hooded robes of deep purple were sigiled and worked with dark ruby stitch amongst.

- Lokvist overheard the Kashaba say he would deliver these maps before returning to the “other forge” or the “under forge”.

- Before leaving the Kashaba took back a map from Gulgor returning it to a plain scroll tube and handing it to the dark dwarf who was carrying a number of others, he then passed a number of purses to Gulgor and the hooded cabal.

- As Lokvist watched the council broke, the Darkones troupe began to withdrew into the catacombs a distraction that Lokvist used to dash forward and trigger the deadfall hoping to crush some of the interlopers.

- As the dust cleared it was apparent that the rubble crush had caught some of the hooded cabal and hopefully the Darkones suffered a similiar fate. As the forge exloded and flames claimed some of the bodies Lokvist fought a futile battle against the orcs who quickly overpowered and captured him;

- The hooded cabal quickly took their leave, seemingly untrusting of the orcs, who seemed to have no love for them either

- Gulgor left to return to ‘the fort Fangcrag’, leaving Ugrog ‘to kill anyones left and torch the filthy temple’.

Session B
Alpha Brotherhood getting Alpha

The shadows of the Embertuls seemed to have been infiltrated with orc scouts. As the Alpha Brotherhood made their way across the plains towards the mountain paths that lead to the Thousand Fist Monastery they encountered another war party of orc raiders that had fallen upon a group of adventurers set out from Longmoot. The Alpha Brotherhood fell into the fray joining the hulking Goliath Barbarian Boldar who was the only member of the group still standing.

It came to pass that Boldars party carried a request for the Thousand Fist Monasteries cohorts to sally forth to help defend Karins Hold. As his party needed to return to Longmoot to heal and recoup Boldar chose to join the Alpha Brotherhood on their journey to warn the Thousand Fist Monastery.

When the Alpha Brotherhood arrived they found it overrun by orcs, the stench of battle was still heavy in the air or it could have been the orcs cookpot. The Alpha Brotherhood descended upon he Monastery with vengeance in mind. They slew the guards sheltering within the wall before falling upon the orcs within the Monastery.


- An orc was heard to complain about being sent as sentry while the others had all the fun looting and hunting the survivors below.

- Another was heard to retort ‘those that are left to loot’ leading Adjurah to assume that the orcs paid a heavy price to take the fortress.

- Someone actually speaks a useful monster language….. WTF?

Within the Hall of Might and Glory an orc witch and his minions were defacing the altar there in the name of Grummsh. The Alpha Brotherhood slew them and the other orcs that rushed to the battle from the hidden stairs below the altar. Within the Hall of Might and Glory it seemed the acolytes and warriors had fought mightily against the orcs boiling up from the chambers below. The Alpha Brotherhood tried to clean Kord and Bahamuts altar of Gruumsh foul taint. However the Altar and hall had been violated and needed to be re-sanctified. So enraged by this was Adjurah that he swore an oath to cleanse the Moanstery of the filthy invaders and find any survivors.


- The party found a Brooch of Healing on the body of the Dwarven warrior Madrik Ironhelm

- The party has seperated the bodies to return and make a funeral pyre

Once the Alpha Brotherhood had cleansed the Hall of Might and Glory, Adjurah strode forth to make good on his oath and descended the stairs towards the Chamber of Acolytes which echoed with the sounds of orc voices.

Here they found a scene of horrible carnage, the priests and attendants to the Hall of Might and Glory had been surprised in their sleep and slaughtered where they sleep. Those few that managed to arm themselves confronted the orcish tide of steel were quickly slain.

The Alpha Brotherhood found out shortly why. As the raging orc berserker and the plate and mail armoured Orogs were fearsome warriors. They charged fowrard to meet the Alpha Brotherhood as they entered the chamber. The battle that ensued was brutal and the Broterhood found themselves in a bloodied encounter.


- One of the Orogs was overheard to say ‘find the loot and lets get out, we weren’t paid to hold this stinkhole and them squishies will send an army to take it for ‘ere gods honour’

- Fondu got beaten senseless by drudges.

- There was a statue of a Squid fighting Johnny Short Legs in the middle of the room.

The Broterhood are quickly recouping and deciding their next step.


- The battle that saw the Thousand Fist Monastery fall was only hours old

- Any survivors will likely be found by orcs if they aren’t found soon

- The orcs seem to have taken heavy casualties in the battle and are still scattered looting


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