Tormlin Brandis

He is Rad but prone to bouts of stupidity that will become more frequent (and Dangerouse) now that the PHBII is out and i really want to play a Barbarian!


Str 19, Con 14, Dex 17???, Int 8 (Dump stat! Int is the new Cha), Wis 14, Cha 10. He has mad skills, ninja skills, bow fighting skills, nunchuk skills, roof collapsing skills… chicks like guys with skills!

Also the Paladin Died! That was funny.


Tormlin is a Tracker from wherever the hell this campaign is set. I Have no idea because Graham still has not released a map like he has said he was going to a million different times.

He really should be able to speak Goblin because i asked what language would a Trapper speak other then english and graham said Giant. Ok thats fine BUT NONE OF THE OGRES OR GIANTS IN THIS CAMPAIGN SPEAK GIANT!!!! THEY ALL SPEAK GOBLIN!!!! TARD DM

Just to give you an idea of how much of a spiteful tard our prestigouse DM is, all the ogres we have run into seem so speak golbin to the other goblins around, despite me pointing out many many times that unless they have taken a feat in linguistics they can only speak Common and Giant. Our tard DM does not seem to care about this and continues to make my second language skill useless.

Also i want some armour! GIVE ME SOME FUCKING ARMOUR!!!!

Tormlin Brandis

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