Sennel the Great

Protecting Paladin of the Raven Queen and leader of The Great Knights

Stats Saves Mental Skills Physical Skills Knowledge Skills
STR: 12 HP: 61 Bluff: 7 Acrobatics: 1 Arcana: 2
CON: 16 Surges: 13 Diplomacy: 14 Athletics: 2 Dungeoneeering: 6
DEX: 10 Fort: 18 Heal: 6 Endurance: 4 History: 2
INT: 8 Ref: 17 Insight: 13 Stealth: 1 Nature: 6
WIS: 16 Will: 19 Intimidate: 12 Thievery: 1 Religion: 7
CHA: 18 AC: 23 Perception: 6
Init: 7 Speed: 5 Streetwise: 7

+2 Longsword Reproachable Weapon
+2 Scalemail of Force Resistance 5
+2 Pendant of Resistance

Raven Queens Blessing
Healing Hands
Improved Initiative
Weapon Expertise

At Will Encounter Daily
Bolstering Strike Radiant Smite Paladin’s Judgement
Enfeebling Strike Eyebite Reproachable Weapon
Lay on Hands Divine Mettle Sign of Vulnrability
Divine Challange Divine Strength Matyr’s Blessing
Invigorating Strike Divine Bodyguard
Raven Queen’s Blessing

Sennel the Great is a deluded Paladin who thinks he is the avatar of The Raven Queen. Arrogance? Maybe, he sees greatness in himself, but also in those around him. He constantly feels the need to prove himself, he likes to go first so everyone can see how brave he is, and will always take an arrow for someone in his party.

He is quite competent when it comes to plans, however he will never admit fault, making it hard to tell if this is one of his many good plans, or one that he has no clue what he is doing but is pretending quite well.

Extremely charismatic, people who meet him are usually assume he is the warrior and leader he acts like he is. This assumption will soon fade, although it usually lasts longer than it should.

His hobbies include: protecting his party, leading his party, and convincing himself that he does either of those things.

He met his end going after some gleaming plate mail that was clearly trapped. Also I didn’t know save-or-die’s existed in 4e, but they are lame. Currently a pancake.

Sennel the Great

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