Kamebh Yokep

Half Orc Monk


Race Half Orc
Build Stone Fist Monk
Level 5

Str: 19
Con: 12
Dex: 19
Int: 8
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

Hit Points 44
Surges 9
Armour Cloth
Speed 6

AC: 21
Fort: 19
Ref: 19
Will: 17
Init: + 9

Languages: Common, Giant
Feats: Unarmoured Agility, Versatile Expertise, Thirst for Battle

Skills: Athletics 11 (+2 for climbers kit), Perception 8, Stealth 11, Thievery 13

At Will: Steel Wind, Five Storms, Flurry of Blows
Encounter: Drunken Monkey, Eternal Mountain
Utility Supreme Flurry (daily)
Daily: Masterful Spiral, Stunning Palm
Item: Couters of Second Chance (daily)



  • Orphan/product of thovekin wars
  • taken in by monastery and began to learn basics but too impulsive, hated the endless rules and chores, so ran away to the big smoke (Harkal).
  • No money or skills so stole what he needed and survived on skills learnt in monastery
  • Came to attention of street gangs who help hone his skills in thievery and street fighting, but also introduced him to alcohol and gambling
  • Continued path of monk because these skills kept him alive then elevated him above the other expendable street thugs, but with this better position came more money to spend on his vices
  • Because of his addiction to alcohol and gambling, Kamehb struggled to keep head above water, continuing to working as a thug for hire and occasional bouncer as well as competing in gang organised street fights and stealing to fund booze and gambling addictions
  • His vices began to alienate his “friends” in the underworld as debts began to pile up and his behaviour became more erratic (forgetting to turn up to fights etc cause he was drunk/hungover)
  • Given a last chance as bouncer, gets drunk and accidentally kills a patron while evicting him.
  • Victim had connections to powerful mercantile family and hence the city guard (reluctantly) got involved despite the seedy establishment that it occurred in, and so Kamehb decides it is time to skip town while he still could
  • Leaves town quickly with some debts (to fairly unsavoury types) unpaid, and potentially victims friends from mercantile house looking for him
  • On the road with no possessions and no real friends – only acquaintances and enemies – realises has to get his life in control, and turns back to his monk studies
  • Trying to make positive impact on world now, but still struggling with personal demons, cant be trusted with money or alcohol
  • With no clear path or direction, Kamehb decides to return to the monastery where he began his training to seek guidance and purpose in his new life
  • Arrives to find monastery in ruins and realises his path is to aid the Alpha Brotherhood in exacting revenge for the atrocities committed there

Personality – impulsive, reckless

Kamebh Yokep

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