Jarion Gara

This distinguished dragon born had penetrating and intelligent eyes in life. His aura was one of patient nobility. He died in the Fangcrag orcs assault on the Thousand FIst Monastery.


Dead, Male, Dragon Born, Paladin.


Jarion Gara was the High Patron of the Thousand Fist Monastery, attested a wise and patient thinker who was renowned as one of the great generals for his leadership during the Scaled War.

Jarion was very old for a dragon born, he was only a whelp when Amrakka fell and his memory of the land was not of a mighty civilization but a nation struggling in its death throes beset by malignant evil, a land of suffering.

His life found a home and a purpose when following the fall he settled as a whelp into the halls of the Thousand Fist Monastery.

He died during the Fangcrag orc assault on the Thousand Fist Monastery.

Jarion Gara

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