The Brahman "Hobolock"

Slightly dishevelled Tiefling Starlock with more than a touch of crazy about him.


The Brahman:

Race Teifling
Build Star Pact Warlock
Level 8

Str: 10
Con: 18
Dex: 13
Int: 17
Wis: 8
Cha: 17

Hit Points 65
Surges 10
Armour Leather
Speed 6

AC: 19
Fort: 19
Ref: 19
Will: 19
Init: + 5

Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Feats: Hellfire Blood, Arcane Initiate (Scorching Burst), Arcane Familiar, Implement Expertise (Rod), Dual Implement Spellcaster

Skills: Arcana +12, Bluff +14, Insight +8, Religion + 12, Stealth +9, Thievery +12

At Will: Eldritch Blast, Dire Radiance

Encounter: Infernal Wrath, Arms of Hadar, Scorching Burst, Frigid Darkness, Allthe Sand All the Stars

Utility Etheral Stride (encounter), Dark One’s Own Luck (daily)

Daily: Flames of Phlegethos, Hunger of Hadar

Item: Skull Bracees (daily), Gloves of Arcane Admixture (encounter)


Hobolock is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he does have occasional flashes of lucidity. Most of the time though he wanders around mumbling to himself or giggling manically under his breath. He is dressed in a confusing array of odds and ends as well as misplaced clothing and has a weird habit of taking obscure ‘trophies’ from his fallen enemies (such as the goblin belts he currently wears on his arms as bracers and the gloves made of silk socks). He can often be found at night staring at the stars and whispering to himself and its quite clear the arcane power he has claimed has had a significant impact on his sanity. However when wielding that power in a fight he can be a ferocious enemy, and uses the power of the stars to break the minds of lesser willed creatures.

His past is shrouded in mystery and any questions regarding where he came from are generally answered with cryptic riddles or incoherent babble, if at all. Even his name is something of a mystery – when asked he usually mumbles something about “The Brahman” as though speaking of himself in the third person – and the confusion combined with his general appearance has resulted in the epithet “hobolock”.
He met the original members of the party when he walking out of the woods during an ambush on a caravan they were guarding and started blasting the raiders with eldritch energy, helping to change a challenging fight into a complete rout. Despite his appearance and general demeanour, the hobolock proved himself quite competent in a fight and skilled at spinning lies and disabling traps and soon became a valued member of the party.

The hobolock does have a habit of deciding on courses of action on a whim, and then focusing his energy on these projects with great zeal and enthusiasm. Evidence of this has been seen recently with his haphazard but very eager attempts to train rats to do his bidding and his role in the adoption of “Snuffles” the hobgoblin as The Great Night’s interpreter/mascot.

The Brahman "Hobolock"

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