Turok Born

Focus all power on that Super Star Destroyer!


STR: 19 CON: 13 DEX: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 17 CHA: 8

HP: 60 AC: 21

SAVES FORT: 18, REF: 16, WILL: 16




Exotic weapon Bastard Sword

Weapon Exp. Heavy Blade



Hit and Run, Twin Strike


Off hand Strike, Yield Ground, Disruptive Strike, Serpentine Dodge, Claws of the Griffin, Long Tooth Shifting (Racial Power)


Jaws of the Wolf, Frenzied Skirmish,


Casque of Tactics, +1 Dwarven Scalemail, +2 Quickened Bastard Sword, Healing Potion


Turok was an extremely skilled Hunter in his tribe. Taught by the Clans Elder (and father) ‘Rock’ in the ways of the Hunt he showed enormousness potential. His mother ‘Winter’ was the shaman of the village and very wise in the way of the Primordial magic. The village of Shifters was a peaceful village that would occasionally have to fend off small raids from the local Orc and Goblin tribes.

In recent times the raids were becoming more and more frequent and it was decided that the tribe would need to move on because it was becoming increasingly dangerous with the ever more aggressive greenskins harassing everyone. A few days into their journey they were attacked by a massive warband consisting of ogres, bugbears, orcs and goblins. Turok fought valiantly to defend his tribe and brought down many of the vile beasts but was knocked unconscious and left for dead.

When he awoke he found his entire tribe slaughtered and all manner of disgusting mutilations done to there bodies. After burying his tribe members and planting an Oak Seed over their graves, Turok swore vengeance. Tracking down the Warband, Turok picked off some struggling goblins lagging behind arguing over the spoils of Turoks Tribe. He forced them into revealing where they came from and the name of their clan. They revealed that they were of the Scar Cheeks clan and came from and old overrun dwarven fortress a couple of days from here. Turok Promptly slaughtered the Goblins and followed the Trail to the Dwarven fortress and infiltrated it. Knowing full well he would probably never see daylight again, indeed be lucky to live out the next few hours he ventured into the Dwarven Keep.

It wasn’t long before he found slaves being brought in from all over the local area to spend the rest of their days mining whatever was down there for whatever evil purpose the goblins had in mind. Turok knew enough about Goblins to know that they could not possibly get this organized and work with Orcs, Ogres and Bugbears without some evil overlord forcing them to do so.

It wasn’t long before he noticed signs of battle wherever he went and found slaughtered goblins, orgres, bugbears and orcs all over the place and learnt that some adventurers must be down here as well. Any enemy of my enemy is my friend Turok decided and followed the path of destruction wherever it went. Eventually he met up with a slightly eccentric Warlock Teifling wearing Socks on his horns, an Eladrin Wizard who had a MASSIVE problem with half elves and would not stop bagging them (mentioning some retarded Paladin who was now a pancake) and Errol the Dwarven ninja Cleric?... (also there seemed to be a human ranger but he disappeared. Weird.) So far he has proven to be a very valuable ally and anyone helping him get vengeance on those who slaughtered his clan he is more then happy with…. who knows, maybe in time he might even find new clan members in his new, if not slightly eccentric friends.

Also he is a mad cunt

Turok Born

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