Eladrin Gish Eugenist


S:14 +2 C:13 +1 D:10 0 I:19 +4 W:14 +2 Ch:12 +1

Hp:43 AC:21 (1/2lvl, leather armour +2, Int) Fort:15 (1/2 lvl, str) Reflex:17 (1/2 lvl, Int) Will:18 (1/2 lvl, Wis, Wizard bonus 2, Eladrin bonus 1)

Feats. Eladrin Soldier Linguistics Leather Armour Proficiency Implenment focus

Equipment. Leather Armour (+2 serpentine) Longsword (+1 Lightning) Orb

@will Ray of Frost, Thunder Wave,

Encounter Burning Hands, Colour Spray,

Daily Acid Arrow, Sleep, Bigby’s Icy Grasp, Stinking Cloud,

Utility Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Dispel Magic, Invisibility,


Born in the Feywild he was sent to the Spiral Tower to learn the ways of the order when only very young. He showed natural ability and progressed quickly with his lessons, both in the Arcane and Martial arts. This natural ability lead to an unhealthy arrogance however and years before he was meant to undertake them he demanded to be allowed to take the tests for full acceptance into the order. Despite their best efforts his teachers were unable to convince him of the folly of his plan, instead, once his lack of experience had ensured his abject humiliation, they stepped in to save him from the death that is usually the result of failing the test. Not able to send him back to rejoin the academy though they were forced to exile him until he thought he was really ready take the tests. Angry and embarassed he left the feywild vowing only to return when he was ready to over through the fools that had cast him out and lead the Forces of the Spiral tower and the Eladrin people on a glorious crusade across the feywild and the rest of creation and restore their rightful place as its rulers.

Denasdra is a firm believer in his own superiority over all that surround him and more generally in the superiority of the Eladrin people over all others. He views all creatures of the material world base and simple, though he has some greater respect for dragonborns because of their Draconic heritage, even he can not deny the magesty of the mighty dragons. The elves he see as a hopeless and misguided race in their abandonment of the feywild and believes that only through returning there and reuniting with the Eladrin and they be cleansed. Halfelves are an abonination that should be cleansed from the face of the world to purify Eladrin blood.


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