Human Tactical Warlord
lvl 5

S:16 (3)
C:13 (
D:12 (1)
I:18 (
W:10 (0)
Ch:11 (0)

AC:20 Fort:15 Ref:17 Will:13
Hp:40 Bloodied:20 Surge value:10 Surges:8


Heavy shield Prof
Bastard sword Prof
weapon expertise (heavy blade)
Tactical Assault

Commanders strike
Vipers strike
Wolf Pack tactics

Warlord’s favor
Shielded Assault

Lead the Attack

Aid the Injured

+1 sunblade bastardsword
+1 veterans hide armour
Heavy shield
Boots of Stealth
Potion of healing x2


Haldane was born in the small, out of the way community of Dria in the northern plains between Tembria and Harkal. The eldest son of the local lord, though in reality his fathers title makes him little more then the hereditary Mayor of a hamlet populated by less then 200 people. Dria is a farming community in the shadows of the Barrin Mountains, far from the capital of Longmoot, far from the conflict with Thovekins remaining hordes and far from the Cyndal or the roads that carry the Southings trade, it is seen to be of little strategic signifigance. So when Dria is threatened, its’ call to Longmoot for support rarely raises a response. The town’s people have come to relyupon its one or two warrios who martial its meager defences. Defence that comes at a dreadful price for the few sons and daughters of the town. Since none in the community have ever left to travel further then the next town, Haldane has spent his entire life watching his father fight a losing battle to protect his people from forces beyond both his control and his understanding. He has always done what he could to help, and he had earned himself a reputation both as a fine warrior and brave leader of his people who expect him to be an excellent successor to his father, but having watched the remnants the of Thovekin’s horde appear unexpectedly on its borders and lay waste to its land and its people, Haldane has decided that if he is to do any better then try to hold back the unstoppable tide of history then he needs a greater understanding of the world outside their community and the forces that shape it. So he has taken the powerful heirlooms of his family and left for the world outside, hoping to achieve the knowledge he needs to protect those he leaves behind.


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