Echo of the Dragons

Session O - Quest Mournhollow Keep

The Monastery was a changed building from the Temple it had been in Summers past, the walls now those of a fort more than a temple. The few that had come after its’ fall were all hardy warriors and little time was left over from fortifying the walls to study and contemplate.

The Lightkeeper explained that the orcs of Fangcrag had taken the Pass Towers when the had attacked the Thousand Fist Monastary. Without the Pass Towers the valley was open to the raiding from the mountains, without the nearby Mournhollow Tower Tembria was unguarded.

The narrow passes and open plains would see a large force exposed to harrying and ambush all the way to the walls. They would lose most of their force before they had a chance to storm the Mournhollow Tower. While such an attack from the Thousand Fist Monastery may be able to take the Mournhollow Tower, the Lightkeeper feared that it would so weaken his warriors that a counter attack from Fangcrag would see both the Mournhollow and the Thousand Fist fall. The Lightkeeper asked the Brotherhood to retake the Mournhollow Tower, he felt as small force they were more likely to travel undetected to the towerand were far stronger than the few warriors the Thousand Fist Monastery still had.

The Brotherhood accepted the Quest to retake the Mournhollow Tower.



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