Echo of the Dragons

Session N

With the people of Loreonn’s resentment plain to see the Brotherhood did not tarry and left early, smoke still rising from the Silk Hill.

Before nightfall the Brotherhood finally found their journeys end in the Hold of the Winged Brothers. Suel greeted them as returning heroes; the saviours of the Thousand Fisted Monastery, Karins Hold, Paderan and Loreonn. Suel had the Brotherhood fully describe their adventure, for he had only heard the grand rumours not the truth or details.

He also had some happy news: the Light Keeper was yet alive having miraculously escaped the fire in the Library. The Light Keeper had asked for the Brotherhood to return to the Monastery who was desperately short of warriors and hands to repair the keep.

So it was the Brotherhood once more marched for the Monastery and in to the teeth of the first storm of true winter. The frozen walls of the storm hid a sinister march, hordes of orcs had washed down from the mountains and crags to fall upon the valley. The Brotherhood were hard pressed and harried by the warbands and almost frozen to death by the teeth of the storm.

Thankfully the Thousand Fist Monastery had anticipated trouble and sent a guide to see them safe through the storm and its denizens to the Monastery. Bass a lean and compact Goliath found them embattled on the plains and joined them in fighting off another knot of Orcs. He then led them through the storm to the gates of the Monastery.


  • The Brotherhood found a cave to shelter in.
  • The cave contained some trappers that had frozen to death.
  • One of the trappers had an old bronze key in his pouch.
  • The Brotherhood would have probably found them alive if anyone could Knowledge nature worth a damn.



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