Echo of the Dragons

Session M - Quest The Old One

Loreonn was tearing itself to pieces. The Brotherhood figured that there best hope of survival lay in avoiding the corpulent monster and the fanatic and destroying the other runes they saw in their vision.

First the Brotherhood fought the crazed and diabolical servants of the Old One at the stone quarry pits where magic saw the quarried pillars dance crazily, crashing amongst the battle.

  • Once the Brotherhood prevailed they destroyed the runes.
  • When the runes broke they reverberated as a shared vision in the Bortherhood’s mind showing the fanatic and his corpulent accomplice rushing towards the quarry.
  • The Brotherhood slipped by the horde in the backstreets headed for the Town Hall.

At the town hall the Brotherhood searched for maps showing where the runic grotto was. What they discovered was that the towns water source flowed under the Town Hall itself, and after some searching discovered a secret door leading to stairs below.

  • Runes were protected by a water elemental and wraiths.
  • The shared vision once again showed the fanatic and wild friends rampaging towards the town hall.
  • The Brotherhood quickly fled before they arrived.

With no idea where the library was, the Brotherhood figured they would start with the Silk Hill and the mansion of the Sinister Merchant they had seen earlier.

  • At the silk hill the found the library, but were attacked by its’ magical guardians – a pair of flaming skulls and some whip stitched zombies;
  • The flaming skulls bursts of fire set fire to the library and then house;
  • As they battled the Brotherhood attacked the runes, each blow showing visions of the fanatic and corpulent friend rushing towards the Silk Hill;
  • Soon the battle was joined, the Brotherhood frantically trying to destroy the runes while the fanatic and corpulent one rampaged amongst them;

Eventually the runes where broken and the Old One’s emissaries became vulnerable to mortal blows, soon after they fell to the blades of the Brotherhood freeing Loreonn from their madness.

While Loreonn had been saved the realisation of what brothers, fathers, wives and daughters had so ‘easily’ become the night before saw Loreonn consumed with grief and horror. Few in Loreonn could look upon the Brotherhood without wondering if they had cut down one of their family. Certainly none could look upon the Brother hood without being reminded of the madness of the night. The residents of Silk Hill also offered few thanks as the fire that destroyed the Manor had burnt a good number of other residences. No parades were held.

No one admired their majesty.



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